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Keep Stockwell Beautiful Cigarette Recycling Program

Did you know that cigarette butts are the #1 cause of litter?  Stockwell has had several types of cigarette “ash trays” but there have never been any that promote recycling of the “butt.”

At the National Keep America Beautiful conference KSB learned about a recycling receptacle for cigarettes.  This product is manufactured in Maine and is partnered with TerraCycle which is a national recycling company.  We actually can get reimbursed for our “butts” which will help offset the cost of the receptacle.

KSB hopes to have the three receptacles installed by spring.  The location of the receptacles will be at the Stockwell Market, US Post Office and the Stockwell Baseball Diamonds.  These areas have been targeted due to cigarette littering.

Below are pictures of the new Sidewalk Butlers and a chart of the recycling process of a cigarette butt.

Help Keep Stockwell Beautiful by using the Sidewalk Butlers!